Theme: New Directions in Modeling International Finance

This special issue of Research in International Business and Finance will bring diverse perspectives on the failures of modern finance theory with a view to proposing constructive, but more importantly, practical, innovations in theory and practice. The special issue will focus on rigorous mathematical/statistical/computational advances in the modeling of the topics identified by authors.

In particular, areas to be explored are
• Macro-finance,
• Macro-prudential regulation,
• Extensions, new constructions, and/or destructions of modern finance theory
• Frontiers of empirical finance

Symposium. The special issue will be preceded by a symposium in November 24 and 25, 2011 on the same topic in Dromoland Castle, Ireland. 6 weeks afterward, all papers will be submitted to RIBAF electronically. Papers to be published in the special issue of RIBAF must be presented at the symposium.

Edited Book. Expanded versions of selected articles will be used to form the basis for an edited book within the Routledge Advances Series on Experimental and Computable Economics.

Invited Guest Speakers

1. Prof. Joseph McCauley, University of Houston, USA.
2. Prof. Shu-Heng Chen, National Chengchi University, Taiwan.
3. Dr. Hector Zenil, Wolfram Research, USA.
4. Dr. Sami Al-Suwailem, Senior Economist, Islamic Development Bank
5. Prof. K.V. Velupillai, University of Trento, Italy.

Time Line for Submissions:

September 10th: Submit papers to RIBAF guest editor Dr Stephen Kinsella at

September 30th: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection

November 24-25th: Symposium in Empirical Finance, Dromoland Castle, Ireland.

January 22nd: Submission of selected papers to Research in International Business and Finance.

3 Responses to “Special Issue of Research in International Business and Finance”

  1. Sri Hari

    Sir, I am a research student from India and working in the field of International Finance. I am working on the foreign exchange market intervention........i am very keen to participate in this conference. can you tell me whether, this conference will provide any financial assistance to attend this conference.

  2. Stephen

    Sri, we may have some funds available for students, please check back with me closer to the date once I've done some fundraising.


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