As part of a wider pan-university initiative, I'm organising a workshop for those interested in starting up their own businesses. I'm chiefly concerned with getting people who might have an idea but no clue as to how to start a business in front of experts, serial entrepreneurs, tech-savvy nutters, and maybe even a few academics. I'm interested in helping these people, and studying what happens to them as well. This morning, I met with some very clever people: Hughie, Gabriela, Evert, David, Ger, Shane, and Bernie, to figure out some of the details of the conference.

We've decided on March the 21st as a date for the workshop, in the new Kemmy Business school, from 9.30am to 4pm.

We'll have a mixture of standard 30 minute information sessions in our state of the art large lecture theatre, as well as smaller, more intimate story telling sessions in the adjacent breakout rooms, where participants can share stories and information, swop contact details, ideas, and show off scars, as well as doing small presentations themselves.

The format outside of the main lecture space will be decidedly 'unconference', exactly the Bar/Biz/DELL-camp model.

We'll record the whole thing, and put it up online as a resource for everyone, thanks to Bernie and his students.

This post is really a way of putting up a todo or ideas list for that event. I want ordinary people to mesh with serial entrepreneurs, representatives of state agencies, and the odd media whore academic, and see what comes out of it.

Here's my list of todos for the next week:
0. Link up with real proper grown up Bizcampers more formally.
1. Invite more entrepreneurs
2. Get a keynote speaker
3. Talk to the local media, hire a photographer
4. Advertise the event at Bizcamp in Dublin on March 7, and at the Blog Award s in Cork on the 21st of February, as well as with Dell, Kostal, and other workers around Limerick.
5. Get sponsorship for the event.
6. Sort out food, drinks, a time schedule, and transport/security/AV

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, for those who were there, I've put a much more detailed set of notes from the session today up on a sharespace, anyone who wants to read them, please email me.

12 Responses to “BizCamp coming to Limerick”

  1. stephenkinsella


  2. James Corbett

    This is great Stephen, delighted that it's going to happen. The first thing I'd say we need to do is get on the same page as Keith Bohanna and the team at Bizcamp Dublin about keeping a consistent theme/branding/PR-message across the Bizcamp 'family'. Have you been talking to Keith about this yet? If not let me hook you two up.

  3. Alan O'Rourke

    Great. Hope to make it down to this.
    I am looking after the design and branding of so give me a shout if you need anything.

  4. keith bohanna

    Great to see this happening Stephen. We have/are deliberately set up so that it will support multiple locations.


    • stephenkinsella

      Keith, it would be great to have your input on this, I'd love to have a chat with you about the organisation of the UL Bizcamp when you've time!

  5. Krishna De

    Stephen - this is great - I had heard from Evert about the event - let me know if I can be of any assistance - we just mentioned it on the PodCamp Ireland podcast today and I'll certainly blog about it.

    • stephenkinsella

      Wonderful Krishna, thanks!

  6. Barre Fitzpatrick

    Gerard O'Neill just told me about this. Great stuff.count me in!

    • stephenkinsella

      Brilliant, will do!