Economics for Business, Autumn 2012

This is the module page for EC4004/EC4913, Economics for Business, Autumn 2012.

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34 Replies to “Economics for Business, Autumn 2012”

  1. Hi Stephen. Todate we have not received an e-mail requesting the EC4004 Economic evaluation to our UL addresses. Thanks Caroline

  2. Hi Stephen, i submit week 4 case study in wrong pleace, which upload my case study in book review in Turnitin. How to deal with this problem, i am too careless. Sorry about that.

  3. As I spoke to you at the beginning of the semester that I am repeating and I am just struggling with redoing the book review and I am currently worried my current one will be worst then my first one any suggestions on how I can make it is not worse?

  4. i am after leaving out the Bibliography for my book review, is there anyway i can resubmit it?

    1. Hi Kate, shoot me an email with your full name, student number, and more details and I'll see it gets sorted. Thanks.

  5. Dear Stephen, I was wondering when the last three lecture 16,17 and 18 become live because I am going through all the lectures again.

    Also the lectures in your absence were not occurring, what is the story there?.

    Thank you very much.

  6. Hi Stephen,
    I am just wondering when the recordings of lectures 16,17 and 18 will be available


  7. Hello Stephan,

    How am I suppose to calculate the personal disposal income? I tried to apply this in question 3 from the sample exam by saying DI= Y-T+TP but I never got the right answer neither found this in the slides. Thanks for your time


  8. Hey Stephen, there is alot of things I was wondering about since we approach the exam soon and you promised to upload the videos, Can you respond to us.

  9. Hello,

    Stephen in the Sample exam you have provided us with you said this would be the same layout for the final exam ; However in the final exam there was no case study which is clearly indicated in the sample exam as 40% of the mark. This caused some confusion.



    1. Sean, sorry to hear that, that confusion was cleared up on many occasions, both in lectures, online, and via twitter.

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