EC4027 The Economy of Europe, 2011

This is the page for EC4027 and EC4333, The Economy of Europe, Autumn 2011.

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Essay Deadlines:

Essay 1 Monday 3rd Oct (Week 5) at 16:00

Essay 2 Monday 17th Oct (Week 7) at 16:00

Essay 3 Tuesday 1st Nov (Week 9) at 16:00

Essay 4 Monday  21th Nov (Week 12) at 16:00

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Coursepack (same as EC4333)

Update on Tutorial times, weeks 6-12

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EC4027 essay 1 Topics

EC4027 Essay 2 Topics

Essay Topics Essay 3

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Lecture 2 Slides

Lecture 2 Slides (guest lecture by Dr Darragh Flannery)

Lecture 3 readings, slides, and notes. (Guest lecture by Dr Darragh Flannery)

Lecture 4 notes

Lecture 5 notes

Lecture 6 SlidesLecture 6 Handout

Lecture 7 handout.

Lecture 8 notes.

, Lecture recording.

Lecture 9 Notes.

Lecture 10 notes

Lecture 11 notes

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