EC6021, Macroeconomic Theory 2013

This is the module page for EC6021, Macroeconomic Theory.

Module outline


Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Time series and textbook refresher

Lecture 3: Time series part deux

Lecture 4: ISLM, undergrad and graduate versions

Lecture 5: Infinite horizon model, time series econometrics.

Lecture 6: OLG/RCK: Consumption and saving.

Lecture 7: Solow and Real Business Cycle Models

Lecture 8. New Keynesian/Sticky Price Models

Lecture 9. DSGE models.

Lecture 10. SFC Models. 

Lecture 11. Open Economy/SFC Models


Tutorial 1. Introduction to Stata & Dynamic Programming, Reading: Introduction to Stata, Practical Stata Guide

Tutorial 2. Time Series. .do file; .dta file. (for these files, make sure to right click and use the 'save as' sheet to save them into a directory you can read and write to on UL computers)

Tutorial 3. Yet more time series. .do file, .pdf notes

Tutorial 4. OLS, VAR, ARIMA, Simulation, and Data manipulation: .do file, .pdf notes, .xlsx file

Tutorial 5. Taylor rule estimation and post estimation. .do file, .pdf notes, .csv file.

Tutorial 6. Assignment help.

Tutorial 7. SFC Models. (excel files and readings here)

Tutorial 8.


Assignment 1. Due Friday of Week 5, you'll need to read this.

Assignment 2. Due Friday November 8, here is a good background reading.


A 'Keynesian' dynamic programming tutorial.

Romer and Romer, Transfer payments and the macroeconomy 

Optimal control theory guide.

Blanchard and Fisher on Consumption and Investment

Kydland and Prescott, Time to Build and Aggregate fluctuations

Ball Mankiw and Romer on the NK model

Quint/Rabanal, Monetary Policy in a DSGE model. 

Camilo Tovar, DSGE models and central banks.

Caverazi and Godin, Stock flow modeling through the ages. 

Blecker, 2012, Open economy models of distribution and growth

Godley and Lavoie, 2005, 2 country stock flow consistent macroeconomics