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Something I'm very proud of, even though I was a very, very small part of it, the health futures lab online exhibition.




Why rules which favour the wealthy are unlikely to change 

Rules are resources in advanced societies, and they are set up to benefit one set of actors disproportionately. There's no longer a debate to be had about this. The real debate is what you do about it when those who make the rules benefit from those rules staying the same.

Austerity: Economic, Political, and Social Perspectives

Austerity: Economic, Political, and Social Perspectives

Austerity is not simply an economic phenomenon—societies experience it in different ways, socially, politically, and geographically. The aim of this event is to bring leading thinkers to probe the complex effects of austerity on the European economies forced to experience it by the global economic crisis.

The event will be live-streamed through the INET and YSI network, shown at the Festival of Economics at the University of Trento, as well as various blogs and community sites like, and we encourage submissions to the panel, which can come in the form ofemail questionstweets, and via facebook.

Austerity: Economic, Political, and Social Perspectives

Friday, May 30 Kemmy Business School, UL KBG-16 (map)

Livestream from YSI event in the Univeristy of Limerick, All times are CET

10.00 -10.30 Opening by Dean of the Kemmy Business School, Dr. Philip O’Regan

10.30-12.00 Panel 1: Beyond the theory: Austerity as an economic, and political, reality

Mary Regan, Political Editor of the Irish Examiner, Chair

Mark Blyth, Brown University

Johnathan Hopkin, London School of Economics

Niamh Hardiman, University College, Dublin

John McHale, NUI, Galway & Irish Fiscal Advisory Council

12.00-12.30 Break

12.30-2.00 Panel 2: The wider consequences of austerity on society

Stephen Kinsella, University of Limerick, Chair

Niamh Hourigan, University Collge, Cork

Carmel Hannon, University of Limerick

Seamus Coffey, University College, Cork

Julien Mercille, University College, Dublin