Working Papers

Please see for downloadable copies of working papers and links to SSRN and RePeC pages. Links to all published papers are provided in the titles of the papers listed below.

  1. Stephen Burgess, Oliver Burrows, Antoine Godin, Stephen Kinsella and Stephen Millard (2016)
    A Dynamic Model of Financial Balances for the United Kingdom, Bank of England Working Paper No. 614.
  2. Hang Xiong, Diane Payne and Stephen Kinsella (2016) Peer Effects and Social Networks: The Case of Rural Diffusion in Central China (R&R, Journal of Social Simulation)
  3. O’Keefe, Tom and Kinsella, Stephen, (2018) Ireland is the poster child for definancialisation.
  4. Kinsella, Stephen (2018) Visualising Economic Crises Using Accounting Models.
  5. O’Cleary, Neave, Flaherty, Eoin, and Kinsella, Stephen (2018) The Network Structure of Knowledge Flow.

Journal Articles

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