"The most important IRISH book of the decade" -Eoin Purcell

We all have a stake in Ireland’s future. Most of us willprobably be around to see Ireland in 2050 – but we don’t necessarily act as though we will. As a country, we face serious threats from economic uncertainty, climate change, inequality, energy security and an ageing population – and, contrary to popular belief, technology won’t solve all our problems. Marriage, work, leisure, travel, climate, housing, inequality, and government are amongst the many areas investigated by economist Stephen Kinsella, as he discusses, through the fictional Murphy family, how we will go about daily life in 2050. Ireland in 2050 asks some truly vital questions and delivers a fascinating and jargon-free account of the kind of Ireland we might like to have in 2050 - and the one we might end up with, if we make the wrong choices now.

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Some reviews (there were lots)

"Why we must get ready for life in 2050" (Irish Indepdendent, 12/02/2010)

“The most important Irish book of the decade” (Eoin Purcell)

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Hot, rich, and just like LA” (Irish Sun, 01.10/09)

Writing the Future” (Turbulence Ahead, 17/10/09)

A book for anyone interested in Ireland’s future” (consultmark.ie, 19/10/09)

Thoughts on 2050” (Ardsonas, 19/10/09)

The indiscreet complacency of the bourgeoisie, (Cedarlounge,21/10/09)


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